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Women breastfeeding

Room E1, Vitrine E17

Mochica, Nasca, Recuay, Lambayeque
Peruvian Coast
1 – 1300 AD
ML001306, ML004416, ML012845, ML017985, ML040415.

The body of a woman feeding a baby was depicted in the art of the cultures of northern and southern Peru from their earliest phases. The woman’s body forms the main body of bottles and pitchers in which the modeled or painted body of a child is shown embracing the mother and being fed by her.

Some of the details in the representation of women appear to correspond to a specific role, status or individual, possibly the depiction of a female ancestor. In all of these pieces the female body giving life and providing nourishment is presented as a bottle or pitcher; that is, a container for liquids.

In these pottery objects produced in different styles we can also observe the different hairstyles and some details of the clothing worn by the women of different cultures.