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Interaction between the underworld and the terrenal world

Room E2, Vitrine E33

Peruvian Northern Coast
Florescent Epoch (1 AD – 800 AD)
ML002281, ML004211, ML004332, ML012920

The scene depicted represents a moment of intense contact between the inhabitants of the underworld, or Uku Pacha, with those of this world, or Kay Pacha. When the “dead” awake and journey up to Kay Pacha, and the deity travels from the celestial world, or Hanan Pacha, to the underworld, non-reproductive sex must be practiced, because the natural order has been reversed.

Two individuals participate in this scene, a man and woman who are clearly inhabitants of the earthly world, and who are engaged in anal sex. Behind them, the dead can be seen, stoning the copulating couple as if they are forcing them to continue the act. The dead who have risen from their tombs are playing music, dancing and helping the deity to cross from the earthly world to the underworld, pushing at his head and pulling on his feet.