The Experience

Explore more than 5000 years of ancient Peruvian history and the intimate bond that existed between pre-Columbian societies and the natural world.

This exhibition takes an in-depth look at the Andean worldview and helps visitors to understand the development of pre-Columbian societies, through an impressive collection of objects.

Visitors can walk between shelves containing 30,000 catalogued ancient pottery artifacts. The Museo Larco was one of the first in the world to open its storerooms to the general public.

This major collection of pre-Columbian erotic art offers a different and interesting perspective on ancient Peruvian sexuality.

Enjoy the gardens and plants that adorn every corner of the Museo Larco and the park outside.

Visit the Museo Larco in the company of our museum educators. We offer daily visits in Spanish and English.

Museo Larco Catalogue

Available in Spanish, English, German, French, Japanese and Portuguese, this publication covers 5000 years of ancient Peruvian history.

The museum contributes on an ongoing basis to national and international exhibitions focused on ancient Peru.