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Male genitalia

Room 3, Vitrine 13

• With their spouts or lips shaped like an erect penis, these pottery bottles would have served to mimic the penis’s function as an emitter of fluids, and they would probably have been used in rituals associated with the fertilization of the earth.
• When the user attempted to drink a liquid from the upper opening, it would spill through the orifices located around the rim. And so, the liquid contained in these vessels had to poured or drunk from the penis.
• Vicús culture, Formative Epoch (1250 BC – 1 AD), ML004433, ML004434.
• Moche culture, Florescent Epoch (1 AD – 800 AD), ML004357.
• Lambayeque culture, Fusion Epoch (800 AD – 1300 AD), ML004377.