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Room 2, Vitrine 3

Stone spearheads
Peruvian Northern Coast
Pre-Ceramic Epoch (8000 BC – 2000 BC)
ML300117, ML301186, ML301187, ML301188, ML301189, ML301190, ML301191, ML301192, ML301193, ML301194, ML301195, ML301196, ML301198, ML301199, ML301200, ML301201, ML301202, ML301203, ML301204, ML301205, ML301206, ML301207, ML301208, ML301209, ML301210, ML301211, ML301212, ML301213, ML301214, ML301215, ML301216, ML301217, ML301218, ML301219, ML301220, ML301221, ML301222, ML301223, ML301224, ML301225, ML301226, ML301227, ML301228, ML301229, ML600013.

Ten thousand years ago the hunter-gatherers who had begun to inhabit the coast learned to exploit the resources of Peru’s seas. They fished and hunted using stone spearheads. They also made cotton nets for fishing.

These people built the first coastal settlements, some of which are almost 5000 years old. Archaeological sites like Paiján, Huaca Prieta and Caral date from this period.