Fruits in ancient Peru

Agriculture was the principal means of development for ancient Peruvians. Inhabiting a challenging, but extremely fertile territory, they worked the land and were connected with their natural environment. They then learned how to domesticate several crops that nowadays feed people all over the world.
This ancient knowledge about nature has been depicted in their art for around 3,000 years. This virtual gallery shows different native fruit from the Andes, represented in artifacts by cultures from Peru’s northern and southern coast. The virtual exhibition serves as a complement to the temporary intervention presented in some of the display cases at Museo Larco throughout November 2018.

*Information on every piece is available by clicking on each image.

[Outdoor exhibition] Photographic reproductions of some of these objects were part of the Arte donde vallas 2018 campaign: “Maíz, Cacao y Ají. Regalos de Perú para el mundo” (“Corn, Cacao and Pepper. Gifts from Peru to the world”). This initiative of the Grupo Vallas seeks to rediscover the value of millenary inputs by using different advertising panels in the streets of Lima, from October 17 to November 17.