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Chimú Inca

Room 3, Vitrine 26

Peruvian Northern Coast
Imperial Epoch (1300 AD – 1532 AD)
ML013688, ML031663, ML031665, ML031670, ML031671.

At the time of the arrival of the Spanish on Peru’s northern coast this type of pottery was produced by the Chimú under Inca rule.

In this pottery we can see features of the cultural traditions of the north and south. The sculptural element of the north is maintained, together with the design in the space between the spout and the handle, in keeping with the tradition of Chimú ceramics. The typically southern use of polychrome designs and the flattened spouts of Inca ceramics are retained. The double-chamber and double spout linked by a bridge are characteristics of Chimú-Inca art. The feline continued to be frequently represented as the principal deity.