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Nasca Pottery

Room 4, Vitrine 36

Peruvian Southern Coast
Florescent Epoch (1 AD – 800 AD)
ML010874, ML010875, ML031892, ML031895

While Nasca A or Monumental pottery is naturalistic and colorful, Nasca B or Proliferative Nasca pottery have no naturalistic representations. In this ceramic vessel, decorative motifs are multiplied, reflecting a horror vacui (fear of empty space). They feature complex representations of humans, animals and supernatural beings.

The feline continued to be worshiped as a god and was represented in a stylized form. It is a flying feline with a large nose ring. Some of the rays are tipped with the heads of serpents. Once again we see the combination of feline, bird and serpent features.

Another frequently seen motif is the trophy head. These are so stylized that they appear as small triangles with three markings.