Miniseries “Cultures of Ancient Peru”

With the miniseries “Cultures of Ancient Peru” (September-October 2020), the Museo Larco’s collection approaches the public to enter together into a space of inspiration, enjoyment and learning. Each of the ten 3–4-minute episodes, will trigger questions, provoke reflection, share new knowledge and explore the links between the past and the present.

Utilising the well-known names of some of our pre-Columbian cultures, coined by archaeology (Paracas, Nasca, Cupisnique, Moche, Recuay, Lima, Wari, Lambayeque, Chimú, Inca), we will travel through the north, the south, the coast and the highlands of our country, through some 3000 years of history.

Educational Resources

Click on the images or titles to virtually explore these artifacs by observing their details and textures from different angles, thanks to 3D technology.

This type of highly symbolic vessel was used by people of high social standing for the presentation of liquids or ritual beverages. | ML100755

This Inca ceramic paccha represents a chaquitaclla (foot plow) with aryballo (ceremonial container) and was probably used in fertility rituals or to make liquid offerings to the earth. | ML018892